Prosopographical Study of Ancient Mesopotamia


The Royal Chronicle of Nabonidus


Cylinder of Nabonidus Nº 18


Counting Systems of Ancient Kingdoms


Brief Analysis of Series "When Was Ancient Jerusalem Destroyed?" (Appendix D PDF - Scholar Answers, 1.09 Mb)


The Annihilationism and the Resurrection of the Dead


The Rich Man and the Beggar Lazarus in the Light of the Thought of Primitive Jewish-Christian


Sheol, or Hades, and Related Concepts


Annihilationism, Immortality of the Soul and Spiritualism


Numbers and God's Creations


Responses to Readers about Spiritism, Annihilationism and Immortality of Soul


The Concept about Soul in the Jewish-Christian Thought


The secular chronology contradicts the "Bible chronology"? (talking to a reader)


The paradox of materialist resurrection


Is there Christians who base their beliefs only in the Bible? (email to a friend)


Sheol and grave are the same thing?


About Annihilationism and the Immortality of the Soul (book in PDF)


The Correct Translation of Deuteronomy 32:8


What the Bible really teaches about death?


Josephus’ discourse to the Greeks concerning Hades


Where was the Garden of Eden?


The question of blood - biblical law or interpretation of men?


Do scholars and theological works on the Bible support annihilationism?


What did Christian writers of the second century teach?


On Easter and the periodicity of the celebration of the death of Christ


Has Greek philosophy even influenced the concept of Christianity about immortality?